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My research and art practice has been centered on four major areas that I have been developing in parallel.

1. Syncretism in the Andes region:
 My work started with the body of work titled “Centropia”that originally was based on the influences that the dominant supra power structure exercise over the Latino-American social fabric. Religion and militarism in South America have long manifested themselves in the imaginary, being particularly visible in the Andes region. My research and art production focuses on the origins of the creation of that rich imaginary. Andes Baroque is  largely displayed in churches and convents. Its influences permeated several contemporary manifestations in popular culture. My work re-absorbs popular expressions and materials like embroidery, traditional craftwork, or materials regarded as lower quality in that context I create ASCHOY (Asociacion Chojcha de la Hoyada) a collaborative group based in La Paz Bolivia.. From my interest in popular culture I started to expand my area of research and to expand into popular culture as a social manifestation that influences contemporary dialogue. Documentation piece exhibited in the Textile Biennial. As an extension of the work with syncretism in the Andes region I started a research project in collaboration with the Nivacle Community in the Chaco – Paraguay.

2. Displacement in the Caribbean: This research focus began with “Bon Dieu Bon”, a collaborative project with Lori Lee, an anthropologist. This work examines immigration to St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Two projects focusing on displacement in the Caribbean have been completed:  a) Baggage: The concept of Baggage centers on the backpack of a Haitian immigrant and its contents. Documentation Installation BDB::USVI::004 Centro Arte Alameda.  b) A second body of work related with the Caribbean is “Transfer”. Migration is, and always has been, a way of life. Migrations have been critical for shaping the mental landscapes of the local populations in the past and present. This multifaceted project explores varying degrees of transhumance, including temporary tourists, short-term and long-term migrations, and permanent migrations both legal and illegal.

3. Participatory art, collective actions, and public art: During 2007, I created the Floating Lab Collective. The collective is a group of metropolitan DC-based artists working collectively on performances, media art and research. The main idea is to expand the space of art into public space and to expand the discourse about contemporary art. Since its foundation FLC has been partner and collaborators with Provisions library

4. Media art and interactivity: My work still dominated by the video production, but I have expanded my  research and art production to deals with forms and experiments in interactivity, I have elaborated a series of  video installation &  interactive pieces. I have participated with contemporary music ensemble and in general my media art practice relate to all the areas of research.